Bon odori

This weekend at the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam is where the 32nd Bon odori matsuri will be taking place for 2008.

I rather like this festival as it gives me a glimpse of another culture that I rarely get to see (I’m use to the Malaysian stuff which has really made me bored).

I have been to the ones in Penang (2006/2007)but I’m wondering will the one in KL be as soon as good? The reason is because from what I understand and know it seems Penang has a bigger population of Japanese from KL (if this is incorrect, please let me know and I will make an updates with credits to you).

As I was back in 2007 with my gear. Most of the same stuff is still with me minus the Lowe Pro 300 sling shot.

I remember that it also rained every year, so this event is not without its minor problems. Hopefully this time it won’t rain and I hope to get some better shots. Here are the only 2 notable shots I took in 2007, (in 2006 I wasn’t into photography yet).

So until then, pleasant dreams~!

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