So…….it has finally been confirmed, the d700!

It has finally been confirmed! The D700, the smaller FX format camera, which is the worse kept secret I have ever seen (aside from the obvious blunder of Malaysia’s murder cover up attempts by Malaysian politicians).

  • 12 megapixels? wow! I’ve only been shooting 6 megapixel even with the Fujifilm s5 pro.
  • Slower frame rate? 5 fps. The s5 pro has 1.5 fps only and I’ve lived nicely with it.
  • Slightly bigger viewfinder.
  • sensor cleaning feature? Just when I finally got over my sensor dust phobia ?!

In either case, it will be interesting to see how they price this cam. If they want to contend with 5D and it’s probable successor the 5DII.

None of my concern what canon ups with! I just want to take landscape photos!

A comparison of the D700 to the D3.

But even if this thing comes to Malaysia, I suspect a price tag that will be too high for me. So I’ll just sit back for now and see how things go. Till then, pleasant dreams!

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