The "Magic" hour, the gear needed as well as some tips

I think this article has been done to death but there is another angle to this article which few people have ever brought up.

That the magic hour is not really a fixed value of time that is consistent with every country in the world. Each country has it’s own Magic hour as well as it’s own conditions which one must follow in order to make full use of it.

For example I have lived in Penang, and now I am in KL. I can honestly tell you that the magic hour for these places varies so anyone who says its a fixed specific hour is saying it relative to where they usually take their photos.

First let me state this, it is very hard to take sunsets or sunrise in Malaysia why? Because we hardly ever have a clear blue sky unlike countries found in the Northern or Southern hemisphere (there is also an exception to this such as developing countries like China where the skyline is rarely seen anymore caused due to haze and pollution caused by industrial development but for argument’s sake we will say that generally countries found in those regions have a better chance of clear skies). So whenever we do get a blue clear sky, you will see me take the day off from work and go out and just to have fun with my photography.

Why is clear sky important? Isn’t obvious? The reason is so the light from the sun as it rises over the horizon can actually be seen instead of being filtered through cloud or haze turning its golden rays into dull Grey. Which makes everything look like crap. Though there are some possibilities of turning this event to your advantage but I’ll save that topic for another day.

Here is an example of when the sky is just right in Malaysia for a great sunrise.

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Vinno Model shoot

This is from the model shoot from last Sunday morning. Thanks to NikonK , G3k and Iris for the invite to the shoot. The model that day was Vinno who is a stunning model to work with!

For today’s posting I decided to try something new all together instead of posting each of the photos one by one, here I have embed all the photos as a gallery/slideshow via flash which connects directly into the smugmug album.

So you can just browse through the photos and if you want to look at them in higher details, just click on the gallery/slideshow and it will allow you to go straight to the website (but you need to disable the add blocker first to do so). Also note the left and right arrows allows you to go forward or backwards in the gallery and pressing the pause symbol in the middle of the slideshow pauses it.

Also for this time I decided to play with colors, there is nothing wrong with the original colors but I just wanted to try something different. So drop me a line and tell me what you think. Until then, pleasant dreams~!

Last weekend events

I went up to Penang last weekend as I was hoping to get some better shots of Bon odori (I didn’t, more on that in my next entry about it) as well as check up on my apartment.

Also there was a model shoot I was invited to. I’ll post more photos of that later as well.

Though I have to admit it was a fun although tiring weekend. I managed to meet up with the Fotokrazy group as well as the RojakStudio group.

Also thanks goes to myBest for the group pic!

Bon odori KL 2008

I went to the 32nd bon odori that was held at the Panasonic sport complex. I had high hopes for the event as I had always really enjoyed myself at the ones in Penang but sadly my hopes were somewhat misplaced.

First problem I had encountered was how insane the roads and highway were designed and laid out. I don’t know but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the roads in KL was designed by a disgruntled drunken depress underpaid desk monkey or just an idiotic politician whose major was how to get the biggest bribe with the least amount of work (take your pick).

I spent more then 1 hour just to get to the place as the maps as well as the designed of the actual roads contradicted each other immensely. I got lost for an hour trying to make sense of something when I decided to stop and ask someone. After that the journey took less then 25 minutes.

After reaching there at about 4:45pm (I had left my place at 2pm…..) I must admit, the organizers are very thorough in all their details. They had people handling parking which involved literally guiding visitors to an empty parking spot so that you wouldn’t park some place that might obstruct traffic.

I was surprisingly early as evident by the small crowd then

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Another reason to get a less stressful job and a Mac

I used to get such same urges when I was working with PCs and providing tech support to virtually the whole of Labuan (Its a pretty small island).

But joke aside, this is actually a real problem known as Office rage in which the crappy life of working for 8 hours in front of a computer causes people to lose their tempers. Humans are creatures meant to be out and doing some work, not a bunch of cave dwellers originally. But I guess with life we have to adapt, although some do not adapt as well as others.

Pleasant dreams, I know I have.

Bon odori

This weekend at the Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam is where the 32nd Bon odori matsuri will be taking place for 2008.

I rather like this festival as it gives me a glimpse of another culture that I rarely get to see (I’m use to the Malaysian stuff which has really made me bored).

I have been to the ones in Penang (2006/2007)but I’m wondering will the one in KL be as soon as good? The reason is because from what I understand and know it seems Penang has a bigger population of Japanese from KL (if this is incorrect, please let me know and I will make an updates with credits to you).

As I was back in 2007 with my gear. Most of the same stuff is still with me minus the Lowe Pro 300 sling shot.

I remember that it also rained every year, so this event is not without its minor problems. Hopefully this time it won’t rain and I hope to get some better shots. Here are the only 2 notable shots I took in 2007, (in 2006 I wasn’t into photography yet).

So until then, pleasant dreams~!