Round 3.

Here are some new pics!

Here we have Mayu Oda who is one of the Zent sweeties!!!

Next is Mio, I’m getting some conflicting names here. In some website her name is stated Mio and in some other its Miho. I can’t read Japanese very well, so if anyone can help me here please drop me a line and I’ll credit you. I only have the Japanese written version of her name but not the English version.

Here we have a local racequeen who’s name is Andrea I believe but I can’t be sure. I will confirm later.

Next we have Reina of Greentec!

And once again we have Ayana Sakura of Calsonic!!!! Hheheheheehhehe! my favorite!

Now this pic has an interesting story, I was looking through my library and I noticed I had taken of lot of photos of the Xanavi girls but nothing I could use by itself alone. I then notice the sequence of her expression and decided to do a story board of it. With the final pic where she smile.

So I hope you enjoyed these pics. More will come later. so until then, pleasant dreams~!

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