First shots. (Updated)

Alright, I’m now updating this article properly as I was in a rush yesterday to get this first pic up. Here are the first batch of pics from the super GT event.

Here we have Sakura from the Calsonic group. I think out of the whole event, she attracted my attention the most. This was further solidify by the fact her name was Sakura which I only found out much later. Here in the picture I made sure at all cost her eyes were tack sharp else a portrait doesn’t seem like a portrait (DUH!). Another thing here was I decided to use some color tweaking in lightroom because I felt that while the original color looked nice but I think with this color scheme it would highlight her eyes which I have made the point of this pic.

Here we have another pic of her from another vantage. I will post a full body pic later. Not as good as the first one but I like it nonetheless. You may have notice quite a lot of photo shopping here but like I was once told, if it looks good,use it!

This ladies was one of the 4 of the whole Super GT that attracted every photographer to their pitwalk site with the reason being very evident.

I’m surprised the interior ministers haven’t gone all religiously nutball about this event though I suspect they have bigger problems on their hands’ with the main party being in a PR nightmare with the whole nation which will not have their attention distracted else where.

In any event, here is another important tip which I learned from Fuminari, if you can pickup a copy of the Japanese magazine call Gals’ paradise which is a monthly or yearly magazines that has all the photos of race queens as well as their personal portfolio along with all their details that you can look up to reference. So if you see the race queen next time, you can easily call our their names which immediately draws their attention to you instead of the Malaysian’s “mouse squeaker” (There was one who stood next to me who did that during the event and I promptly made him kiss my lens with a good whack! Remember my sigma lens has been covered in deer shit before when I was in Nara last year).

Next we have 2 of the Zent “sweeties” as they call their group.

Never underestimated the power of the s5 pro. This pic would have been relegated to the dustbin of history was I had miss metered using center-weighted instead of spot metering and the the whole pic was under exposed. Fortunately I managed to play with the exposure and bring back almost all I needed to make this pic work.

Next we have Hitomi!!!! She was the most recognized girl in the whole group and with good reason! For those who managed to get the Gals’ paradise magazine, they did a special on her and she was also considered one of the most charming racequeen for this year! I can’t blame them!

Here we have another race queen from Motul. But wait! what is this, she’s a local Malaysian?! Wow! And there will be more coming later!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small subset of photos I have shown here and I will be posting more later. So until then, pleasant dreams!

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