Camera test and tricks

About a week or so ago I met up with Albert Ng where we had lunch and talked about camera stuff.

I had my first opportunity with a Sony @ 700 with fisheye lens attached. I must say, its a well designed camera

I could get addicted to this cam easily.

Albert:”Hmmm, doesn’t seem to suit you.”

Though he takes his gear to the extreme and really puts it through it’s paces unlike the rest of us.

While he was looking through my gear, I showed him the metal hood for the 85mm f/1.8 as well as the rubber hood for my 50mm f/1.8 which seems to fit together nicely

He then suggested I tried mounting the 85mm on my S5 pro and then put both hoods on like the put above and attach the 50mm f/1.8 to create a super macro lens! The 50mm f/1.8 has been used for such an application before but as a reverse lens using a special reversing ring mount, but because of the way the hoods can be joined together, I didn’t needed a special ring mount.

Note: I mounted it on my Nikon F4s, just for show as I need to my s5 pro to take the picture.

So after mounting it, I decided to try it out by taking a show of the word Hoya on one of my other filters. It was amazing! I could go beyond 1:1 macro to 1.7:1 size!

Next after a while, Albert noticed that I had a sigma 70-200mm and decided to try and plug the rubber hood on it and it fit! So then we tried this!!!

This was amazing! I could change the macros level simply by changing the focal length of the sigma and I would have HSM focusing speed! Although I have to admit, it was a heavy to hold and with macros weight presents it own problems. So in theory I could change the macro level from 1.4:1 to 4:1 by just changing the focal length!

So trying hoya shoot again, I got this

at 200mm!!!!!! Although I had to pump up the ISO to the max 3200

A closer shot on the threads. Please note these shots were taken hand holding but it gives you and idea of how much macro power it gives.

We had loads of fun, I also got to try out some other great stuff from Albert and I have to say he’s a great guy to hang out with! So until then pleasant dreams~!

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