How I spent my weekend……

Okay, last weekend a friend of mine Andy asked if I could come up to Penang for a photo event shoot (Super GT roadshow at Autocity with appearance by the GT race queens from Japan) as he could get me OP (Official Photographer) pass which means it would give me unrestricted access to anywhere and I could shoot anything without being hassle AND I would have direct access to the GT race queens!

But to travel up to Penang is very tiresome and with the recent petrol hike it would be cost prohibitive. I could have taken the coach up to Penang but the unlike coaches in other countries, the ones here are notoriously prone to accidents as of late.

Taking a flight up to Penang would be overkill as I’m still trying to recovering from the financial drain to move down here to KL. Also I would have needed my own set of wheels to travel around in Penang as public transport is as good as riding a turtle which is to say it’s crap. I tried to locate other friends who might be willing to make the journey up with me but no one was free during that weekend.

So I reluctantly turned down the offer (how it pains my heart). So instead I opt for an event within KL. I instead went to the Motorsport concourse 2008 event at Plaza Damas but there were too many people so I didn’t get many good shots. So I decided to play with colors on the shots I managed to get.

Those hips don’t lie

Here is the winner

Hopefully I’ll get some better shots this weekend at the berjaya time square but I’m rather doubtful about it. On a better know, I will be out with a couple of photokaki members to do some landscape pic this Sunday which I think would do me good, so until then pleasant dreams~!

2 thoughts on “How I spent my weekend……

  1. hey.. nice photos you got there, very artistic, i love them!
    i’m the girl with the black butterfly 🙂
    Keep up with your good work!

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