Esther Model shoot.

Here we have some new photos of the lovely Esther! Whom was a joy to work with! Toshio had setup this model shoot a few weeks back but was being held in Penang, so ever being the diligent nutcase that I am, I drove all the way back to Penang (actually it was also a chance to check up on my place and tie up any lose ends).

This was only a half day shoot on Sunday, all done using my sigma 70-200mm. Though I think I should pumped up the ISO a little higher, and it was also my first time trying out my new workflow which has me taking in RAW again though this time I wanted to try out Adobe lightroom’s DNG file format and see how well it can handle Fujifilm’s RAF raw file format. The verdict? I can’t be sure but after doing this, I don’t see much gains from using it except say a bit smaller files (RAF are 25 megs at max while DNG is about 18 megs) but I had a lot harder time working with the DNGs then I did with RAF files directly.

Starting from this point I started to play with some lightroom settings as I wanted to create a certain look and feel. Sadly because I was shooting at a low ISO, a lot of things look underexposed. Tip here, pump it up!

Also you may notice that lately a lot of my photos look pixelated unless you click on them for full size. This is due to the fact I’m trying out a new service and loading the photos from them so I’m still experimenting with settings. So until then pleasant dreams~!

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