Super GT 2007 race local queens

Here are some shots I took from last year’s Super GT Japan that was being held at Sepang Circuit. One good thing about KL since moving here is that I don’t have to make the long journey down to KL for this.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this event is so big for photographers not just because it present a grand opportunity to test their skills in catching that elusive car magazine photo but also because we will be pitted against other photographers (most of them full time PROS) who will be trying to get photos of those Super GT race queens (local ones shown here, Japanese ones later!!).

First up are the local GT race queens. I think this time I might try something wider but it’s really hard to get a good shots when you’re using a 70-200mm lens and the fact that while you’re trying to compose for a good shots, everyone other little maggots are getting in your way so you need to be quick!

The real skills is not just in getting shots of the local girls but the Japanese ones (wink, wink). So until then pleasant dreams!

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