Super GT 2007 Japanese Race queens

This is where I show you the reason that 80% of the photographers go to this event. The remaining 20% consist of 50% car buff fans and the other 50% are photojournalist sent by magazines or newspapers.

Those on top give you an idea of what we can expect there. Another important note about this event is that it brings in more viewers then any other racing event in the Asian region, now what do these “viewers” go and “see” is rather questionable but hell, who am I to criticize?

Here is an important tip if you intend to go there for the event, bring adequate protection from the SUN AND HEAT such as sunblock as well as to keep yourself well hydrated. DO NOT THINK YOU CAN WITHSTAND THE INSANE HEAT THERE!! I have seen men fitter then me faint from the heat during last year’s Super GT!!!!

Sadly, the pitwalk photo op for super GT is only an hour each day at it’s always at 1:30pm which is when the heat is the worse. What makes this even further worse is how the Sepang circuit was designed so that in order to get to the pitwalk area, you have to go into an underground tunnel (not well ventilated, especially when packed with sweating guys….) that will take you safely across the racetracks then bring you up into the pit area which has little shading and then you have to stand and wait there in the sun until they are ready and open the gates to let you in which then turns into a race onto itself where you have to run to the pit area carrying on your back about 8kgs worth of camera gear. It can be an insane 1 hour……..

Here is ANOTHER IMPORTANT TIP! On Sunday which is the last day of the event! If you can, stay even after the race is over and go behind the pit walk area! (They will allow unrestricted access once the race is over). You might be able to meet some of the racequeens out of their work outfits as they head home and if you ask them nicely (especially if you know how to speak Japanese) they will pose a couple of bonus shots!

So I hope you enjoy these shots, I’ll upload these year’s 2008 photos after June! till then, pleasant dreams~~~~

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