This is why I don’t have a printer at home

Cause I leave it to them to get the job done

I kid, these guys are insanely hardcore.

I’ve always wondered why people are willing to spend at least RM320~800 for a printer. When a better service exist at camera shops which uses multi-million bucks worth of equipment and you pay a fraction of the cost of those home printers to have your photos printed by these said machines.

So do you think your dingy little printer can do better? Unless of course it one of those that go for about RM3200~5000 and then it may not be able to match the quality of those machines used by your local camera shops. Why? Because getting a good print is a multi factor process, not only the ink has to be good, the paper needs to be the correct for it so not just any “photocopier” paper can be used to print good photos.

Its also cost effective when you do the math, the ink refill packs are not cheap when you calculate the number of prints you can make per ink pack to the cost it of having it printed at the shop. Personally, I avoid them unless you are:

  1. On a deadline and it needs to be sent to the client to clinch that multi million dollar contract
  2. Buy a unit that cost more then RM3200 and then it may not be as good as you hope for.

I’ll explain the second point, just because you buy a really expensive printer doesn’t mean that the colors will be perfect, you need to calibrate the colors to be accurate but getting it done will require additional equipment which in turns requires more funds. While those at camera shops have their printer calibrated by trained personal or they have auto-calibrated features already.

This article is for Malaysians who bleeding always ask me, “what printer do I use at home to print my photos?” I always answer,”I don’t have a printer” and they all do a collective gasp like some Brady bunch rejects like I just said I was an alien from outer space. They would then proceed to ignore me and continue talking about how they new printer prints life-like photos at only rm2.5 per photo.

In any event, if you have any objections to what my article has stated. Drop me a line and tell me what you think. So until then pleasant dreams~!

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