Like a dream I had awoken from….

Today I drove back to Penang as I needed to check up on the condition of my place as well as handle any matters that could have arisen due to my time away in KL.

Aside from some bills, everything seems to be in order. I’ve called the real estate agent and there still no new updates. The reason being that because my place is a leasehold and not freehold seems to be the main deterrent factor of people not wanting to buy it. Geez, do people really think they are going to stay in a home for more then 97 years?

After checking my apartment, I found myself feeling like I just woke up from a long dream and that all the time I spent in KL up till now had been nothing more then a dream. That everything was now back to normal, I have heartedly thought I was finally back and my life in Penang would resumes as always until I realized I was just daydreaming. I think I just woke up from the dream of finally returning to Penang for good but a last like all good things, its come to an end and now I have return to the reality that unless there is a good job for me in Penang (not likely happening), I will be in KL for a long while.

In any event, I’ve already packed the stuff I need to bring down to KL and I’m all set for tomorrow’s shoot by Toshio. So until then, pleasant dreams~~~!

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