This shoot was done about a month ago but I’ve only gotten around to work on it 50% recently. The original purpose of the shoot was to do a sketch board story by a friend of mine but sadly I think out of the whole group only 3 managed to get that story right (Nope, I didn’t get ti right as I didn’t have the needed artistic skills).

In any event, the shoot was broken up into 2 parts, an early morning shoot for the sketch board story while another part late morning for a regular shoot.

I must say that Felina is a very sporting and cheery model to work with even after we kept asking her to redo some scenes for us for the sketch board story she happily complied.

So here are the photos taken during the second part of the model shoot. Perhaps one day once I have attained enough skills I’ll go back and work on that first part.


Here we used a reflector to light up her face although I think a paper white reflector here would have been better instead of a silver one.






But then it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t have some “the making of” shot now wouldn’t it? Here are shots of the team



So until the next model shoot, pleasant dreams~~~~!!

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