Fujiflm Velvia 50

Fujifilm Velvia 50

I’ve done an older report before about Fujifilm Velvia 100 so this time I will be reviewing Velvia 50, which is the original legendary landscape film. This film has an interesting history, it was used as the primary landscape film due to its beautiful colors/saturation as well as sharpness and fine grain.

Though a few years ago Fujifilm in decided to discontinue this film due to rising cost for the material used to make this film and to promote their other films as well but what Fujifilm didn’t realized was that it made a huge mistake in doing so when photographers all over the world demanded and voiced all their complaints wanting Velvia back even though there was Velvia 100 that was announced as the replacement for Velvia. Eventually Fujifilm caved into consumers and pro photographers’ demand and went back to the drawing board to see how could they bring back this wonderful film and do it cheaply.

It was evident that because of the diminishing supply of the material used to make this film, Fujifilm decided to re-create this film from the ground up using new and cheaper material while retaining all the qualities of Velvia. So about a year ago in 2007 (if I am correct, please correct me if I am wrong) Fujifilm re-released Velvia now called Velvia 50 back into the market to the many cheers of consumers and pros alike. Many extensive tests on this film were carried out by the market to determine whether or not it this was their beloved film and sure enough it was.

Why would people want an old film like Velvia which only rated at ISO 50 while another faster and equally good replacement was available (Velvia 100)? I believe it has to do with familiarity and passion for Velvia after using it for so many years but then I can cite another example where newer versions and better (not always though, read on) of products were met with not as much approval as hoped by the company such as the incident that met with disastrous results when the coca-cola company had replaced their flagship Classic coke with a new drink called New coke.

In any event, if you would like to know more about the history of this film, go here.

Well now I’ve given you the boring history lesson let’s move on with the review. Velvia 50 while not as fast as Velvia 100 but I have to admit, I can now understand why this film is considered THE landscape film to use. The colors are brilliantly saturated though not as saturated as Fortia. Overall this is indeed a great film but I’ll be honest here when I say if I want to shoot velvia 50, I’ll instead use Velvia 100 (no offense to the purist of velvia).

The reason why I would do so is because for me, I find Velvia 100 easier to work with then with Velvia 50 due to the higher ISO. Though I think at this point people will say I am bias toward Fortia but I assure you I am not, its just a matter of taste and not some endorsement of Velvia 100 over Velvia 50, if you like it then stick with it. Its obviously a wonderful film and this is proven by the many millions of beautiful work taken with it (do a google image search ), why else would pros and consumer alike demanded for it to the point that Fujfilm would bring it back?

Okay enough with the talk and let’s move on to the actual part of the review. Here are the shots I promised.

I think I should have exposed the shot a little bit longer.

The sunset of civilization”
I was hoping that the foreground would be lighter for this shot but I guess I wouldn’t have been so aggressive with centering metering. Though I think the shot came out all right, here I am trying to portray the feeling of impending end or doom.

“The end”
I had originally not wanted to scan this shot in as it was insanely underexposed but then an idea came to mind, what would be the last moments of humanity? A huge nuclear explosion? Death from disease? Or we all just disappear? Whatever the case I wanted to show what would a city look like when completely empty and devoid of any life, even plants and animal life. This is what I had in mind when I took a second look at this pic.

“Distorted view”
Again this was meant for the trash due to my lens’ distortion, the window frame had become distorted but I took another look at it and I figure I could use it to convey something I have always wondered just who is insane in this world? The person who has a different view from everyone else? Or the world where nothing is right? Which is true insanity? The person who thinks differently or the world who tries to impose their sick view of what is normality?

TIP:Don’t throw anything away, keep it. You don’t know what you may be able to create from it.

Well that is what I have for now and I hope you find my pic enjoyable so until then pleasant dreams~

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