The booth babes of PC fair April 2008 at KLCC

I went to the PC fair last weekend with Andy on Saturday and then with Nick and with my brother on Sunday (yes, I went there for 2 days straight).

My original purpose was to get a nice LCD monitor from Samsung but all the models they had there couldn’t change the viewing level of their monitors. I check every brand I encountered and it was the same, non-adjustable except for titlt . After learning that the view angle of a monitor is important and must be adjustable for comfortable viewing (I learned this lesson first hand after working at Intel for a month and getting a neck sprain), I decided I must buy a monitor with level and title controls but since I found non, I decided to hold off the purchase for another day.

Aside from that there was another reason why I went to the PC fair that unlike the PC fair in Penang, the PC fair in KL always have booth babes! So here are the shots.

While I did take a lot of shots but sadly, due to the huge crowd there was a lot of pushing and shoving as well. So getting a good tack sharp shot was rare. So until then, pleasant dreams~!

2 thoughts on “The booth babes of PC fair April 2008 at KLCC

  1. Not really my best work. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some great pic this June but thanks for the compliment! ^_^

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