Some KL shots

Street photography-9.jpg
“Another Sun”

Taken on one of the few days where it had not been raining 24 hours, tip here when taking pictures using a zoom lens like a 70-200mm, be careful of looking into the Sun as the lens will as like a magnifying glass and WILL hurt your eyes if your not careful. I have heard of people who actually managed to start camp fires using their zoom lens when they did not have any means to start a fire.

Since moving down here, I have been busy with all the setting up as well as learning m way about, fortunately my place is not very far from my workspace.

When I do have time to myself say after work or on weekends, I then to go around nearby my place and check out for interesting places where I can practice my photography and get some great shots as well.

I now take a mix of photos using film and digital, when I absolutely need that extra width and serious colors, I would use my Nikon F4s with either Fujifilm velvia or Fortia. While in situation where I don’t know what will happen, I use my S5 pro to experiment and once I learn how to make use of the situation then I go to film.

Street photography-8.jpg
Street photography-7.jpg
“ED Extremely Dumb”
Here is something I’ve learned for a long time, always know what time does the Sun set and well as when it raises in the morning and try to go there about 1 hour early so you’ll have enough time to setup and check the view. This was taken after I had managed to setup my Nikon F4s with Nikon 17-35mm with Fortia and I was just waiting around for the Sun. I decided to have some fun with my s5 pro and 50mm f/1.8. This was quite fun as I had open up the aperture all the way to 1.8 which made the focus place VERY thin, so getting the ED in focus took plenty of shots.
Street photography-6.jpg

Sadly not everyday I went was a nice sunny day, this one was taken in the evening where it had been raining the whole bleeding day an the overcast caused by the rain clouds did not help. Still I decided to play with some settings in lightroom to come up with this.

Street photography-5.jpg

while waiting for sunset, playing with DOF.

Street photography-2.jpg

Still again waiting…….

Street photography-10.jpg

Sometimes it pays off after coming back to the same spot for a few days, sometimes it doesn’t but just remember, keep trying. Photography is also about luck.

So anyway, hope you all enjoyed these shots, until the pleasant dreams~!

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