Fujifilm Fortia SP

Here are some of the new shots from my newly developed roll of Fortia SP.

These were taken from the to of Komtar, Penang. I went there at about 4pm and waited till 7:30pm to get these shots as I was hoping to get some great sunset pics since I felt it would be my last time living in Penang. Entry into the top of the tower cost about RM15 at the 60th floor.

I was kind of sad realizing that this would be the last time I would be living in Penang officially but I guess that’s how things are.


“Looking up to Heaven” this was taken when the light was not right yet for a ripe sunset. So I decided to put on the 85mm on my Nikon F4s and go for some tight crops.

“Penang as I remembered it”

“Hell from Heaven” This was taken at the last minute before I headed home.

There were a number of problems I encountered when I tooks these pics, the most notable one was reflections from the glass panel of yourself. There are 2 solutions to this I realized (no, a polarizer is not one of them as they have very little effect in countries at the equator and would instead be detrimental as they can change the colors and not get rid of the reflection at all)

  1. Try and wear black and I mean black everything like black shoes, cap, shirt, pants and even gloves. Although this may attract unwanted attention from people around you and may give you a heatstroke unless you’re in a well cooled room like I was.
  2. Another way which I found most effective is to move your lens as close as possible to the glass but don’t scratch the front element on the glass panel. Just try and place it flat on the glass, if this is not possible then just bring it as close as possible. This works since you’ve effectively removed your reflections as well as the reflection of everything else from entering the lens at all. But one drawback is that this only works on lens which does not have a bulging front element as the front element would hit the glass and risked being damaged.
Next we have some shots from my Kundasang trip with my family during Chinese New year 2008.

Here is an excerpt taken from the previous link explanation about Kundasang

This is probably the most spectacular national park in Malaysia. The star attraction, without a doubt, goes to the famed granite-clad Mount Kinabalu which officially stands at 4,092 metres above sea level (though previously thought to have an elevation of 4,101 metres). Mount Kinabalu is actually still growing by about a few centimetres every year. In all, the Crocker Range is considered to be an active mountain system, although the possibility of earthquake or volcanic eruption is very remote.

There are plenty of things to see and do here. Hundreds or even thousands of avid or recreational mountain climbers scale the majestic peaks every year. The climbing is so popular that advanced reservation is needed for the permits, local guides, porters, and most importantly, the overnight lodging at Laban Rata. While it is entirely possible to scale this massive mountain within a day, most people will opt to stay overnight at Laban Rata and continue their journey the very next morning to see the awe-inspiring sunset.

We stayed there for one night so I had to make sure I got the “shot” during the sunrise next day. The sunset was completely a no-go on that day as rainy weather had prevented a beautiful sunset.

“At the peak” but the sunrise was perfect, later my father drove me to the Kundasang City hall to get some better shots.

This was taken from the highest floor I could access in the hotel and again I had to open a window with sheer brute force as it was completely covered in dirt and grime. I also had to really push my hand holding skills to the limit for this shot as there was no place to put my DSLR and it was still not bright enough for a fast shutter speed. The Fortia SP was rated at ISO 50 and I wanted a good depth of field which means playing with f/2.8 was not possible. Also forget tripod, there was no where I could put a tripod in that cramped area. Tip here: Practice your hand holding skills, it can be a life saver for such shots!

“Mount Kinabalu”

“Journey into spring”

I hoped you all enjoy these shots, I think that Kundasang trip was great although I think my sister found me too noisy as I got up early and geared up for these photos, my brother later also tagged along for some photo ops as well.

So until then, pleasant dreams~!

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