Tips on using the sigma 70-200mm on Nikon F4s

Well I just got back the film a few days ago but I realized all the shots I took in Labuan were all underexposed. Which really upsets me as I had taken a lot of beautiful shots there. I tried to find out what went wrong.

I discovered that on the same roll only the Labuan shots were underexposed while those take in Kundasan with the very same roll were all properly exposed. Then I remember at the time I had the sigma 70-200mm on and I had used aperture by mistake since I thought it would open all the way to 2.8.

But on the Kundasan trip, I had used the 17-35mm lens on my Nikon f4s. So my fault there to assume something would work the way it should. Tip here: Always try out your assumptions on non-critical shots or else miss out on the best shots later when those assumptions do not work.

So until then, pleasant dreams~!

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