Revoltech Saber sculpted by Enoki Tomohide

I picked this one up when I was in KL last month at the model shop located at Pearl point. I’ll have to say this, Saber here is sure one hard to pose figure!

I only managed to get her into 2 poses before I realized that if I tried any harder I may accidentally break one of her joints. The other one I have of Rin Tohsaka which is also a Revoltech unit was a lot easier to pose.What compounds this problem further is when you try to pose her with her sword excalibur (I think that’s what it’s called).

Anyway the detail and color are pretty good on this model and the cuttings on her are very fine and accurate. I have friends who collect these things solely for the collector’s value and wanting to have a complete set or something. I usually buy them base on their quality of workmanship so my collection is very haphazard of different figures from different series where as my friends try to collect everyone of them for each anime series.

The reason why I just buy the ones base on their colors is simply because I can use them as dummy models to practice my flash photography on as well as my portrait skills without needing an actual human model. That way I can pose them or try every angle without my subjects getting tired.

So here are the Saber shots.

That girl and her damn sword! Here I had to adjust the blacks in lightroom as the flash kept showing the textured on the background. I managed to solve this problem before without resorting to lightroom by simply blocking the flash from the flash unit from hitting the background using a bounce card. But here I couldn’t get it to work accurately. Need more practice.

Like I said, I so hate that dang blasted sword! It was hard to pose.

Hope you enjoy these shots, so until then pleasant dreams~~~!

One thought on “Revoltech Saber sculpted by Enoki Tomohide

  1. This exact figure happens to be my first figure, over time I added more to form a shrine pretty much. A nice figure to pick up and add to anyone’s collection might I say. It has a lot of sentimental value to me since it was my first. Eventually I got Saber Alter so I could pair them up.

    Beautiful pictures, you managed to hit the perfect balance of lightning I couldn’t achieve on Saber’s armour. It either get dull looking shots or shots that had too much flash which ruined the image. Might I add your last shot displays the beautiful craftsmanship of the sword that came with her. The sword itself is magnificent.

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