Fujifilm Provia 100F

Here is my next review of film, fujifilm’s Provia 100F. This film is consider one of the most versatile color slide film in fujifilm’s line of film products. Used by many for it’s well balance color, accuracy, and fine grain.
Strangely while I managed to score quite a good deal for this film (8 rolls in a super economic pack), I don’t really find the output of this film to my liking. Everything taken on it just seems to be so exactly what I saw, don’t get me wrong if the scene was to die for then this film is the perfect thing to use even over Velvia or Fortia but I live in Malaysia where everything seems dull in terms of color and vibrancy. So Fortia or Velvia does wonders to an otherwise dull and washout scene.

Perhaps I am jumping too fast to judge this film, like everything else I have seen with photography I just need to keep trying to see how to use something effective. So I’ll keep trying, meanwhile here are some shots taken with it.

Nothing much as I can see, as all the pics taken with this film seems to be cooler in temperature unlike Velvia or Fortia which are warmer. The colors are spot on, the accuracy are just right and the grains of this film are so much finer then Velvia and Fortia when examined closely.

So I hope you guys enjoy these photos and maybe some of you may know how to use this film, if that is the case then please drop me an email to share this method and I’ll be sure to make another entry with credit to you. Until then, pleasant dreams~

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