Fujifilm Fortia SP 50

“Now we are soooo cooking with gas here!!!!”

That is what I think whenever I load a roll of Fortia SP. Rated to be used at ISO 50 but fujifilm recommends to be rated at ISO64 (I never tried it at that yet). I first decided to try out this film after my supply of color slide film ran out and I saw that Shashinki was selling them in packs of 5 for Rm250, that means Rm50 for a single roll! Pretty steep but after using it so many times I think it’s worth for me, the only draw back is that this film is only available for the Japanese market and is only produced in limited quantity per year and it seems to have a short shelf life (with my batch expiring this August 2008 when I bought it in August 2007, I had thought this was because I had bought an old stock but when I went to Japan, all the Fortia SP were marked to expire on August 2008).

People in Japan have reported that no new batch of Fortia SP have being made since then and that this may be the last batch fujifilm is making hence it’s most likely will be discontinued. Too bad, I really like the saturation of this film. It just seems to bring wildness to everything taken with it.

Among the fallen leafs

peace in the morning.

you see that spec of dust on the top right? Well it’s not a spec of dust but a dragonfly passing by, I had thought it was a spec of dust and kept cleaning the scanner but it just stayed there till I took a closer look and realized it was a dragonfly.

Bug’s eye view.

Creepy, but I like them. Anyone know what they are called?

I hope this shows you what this crazy film can do, if you want another review about this film, check out Kenrockwell’s review of this film. While I may not share the same opinion of this film as he, but he does present an interesting points regarding this film. Until then, pleasant dreams~~

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