Tip on using film scanner

Here is a tip for those scanning film using flatbed scanners, I had originally scanned in a lot of photos from film using my flatbed scanner but after scanning them all in, I then realized they were covered with a lot of dust specs! I thought that my Nikon f4s internals were dusty so I decided to clean the internal with a blower. Let me tell you this, this is not a digital camera so this method does not help much! Although it doesn’t hurt to give the internal a good blast of air to clean it once in a while but this was not the problem affecting my photos.

But then I didn’t think it would solve my problem, I then thought another suspect, perhaps the film themselves were dirty, I check….nope, they were all clean. Then another thought came to me, the dust looked like those you would see on the sensor of a digital camera. It then occurred to me that the scanner glass as well as light surface could be dirty themselves. Sure enough the surface were covered with dust. So a little elbow grease and lots of glass cleaner, it was good as new. I then conducted an experience and sure enough, 95% of the dust specs were gone!

So I then decided to rescan all the film that were affected by this problem (8 rolls +), I would work like this, everytime I load in a strip of film, I would check the surface of the scanner for dust specs and then clean them off if I find any. While a lot of work, but it was well worth it.

So until then pleasant dreams~~!

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