ilford Delta 100

Well after fixing a major problem that was hindering me from scanning film, I then decided to rescan most of my film shots since all the ones I had before the problem was crap.

This wasn’t my first time using black and white film, my first time was using the Kodak T-max 400 on my Nikon fm2n but sadly none of the shots came out right. So when I decided to load in another black and white I was a bit pessimistic about how it would come out as well. But I decided to give it a go. I had bought a few rolls of it back in Japan.

After scanning them all in I was met with a very pleasant surprise, I had some really great shots! I had expected true black and white pictures like those you see in digital (by simply converting to greyscale) but the photos were a gentle mix of black and white and a bit of brown tone (something like sepia yet not sepia). This is why when I look at digital black and white taken directly from a digital camera, it seems to lack character, hence when I saw these I instantly knew why people who shot film still prefer black and white.

Not only where the colors felt just right to me, but the grain in these pics were great! Even though the film was just ISO100.

Here are the black and white I felt were good, while I try not to do any photos shopping on some of the shots but I felt that the shots would benefit from some sharpening. Do any of you do any sharpening on your scanned in film before posting or are they that naturally sharp?

A little bit of abstract art, while I feel this was a good attempt but I think I should have tried to move a little more to the right to get more of the tunnel and less of the that wall on the left side. But then I don’t think that would have been possible as this shot was taken pointing up my apartments air well and I was worried about falling over.

While I have express my views on taking photos of the less unfortunate but I think its alright to take pictures of those who are working. This is the parking ticket guy whom you pay money to for how long you want to park at a spot under his watch and then he will write up a ticket indicating how long you plan to park and stick it on your windshield. AKA human parking meter, one of the ways the city of Penang provides jobs. Anyway, on to the review while this seems to be a good shot but there are 3 obvious flaws with it.
  1. It may capture the stress or boredom of the work for this guy but that garbage can on the right and back is annoying! I wish I had spotted that then, so tip here: check your backgrounds!
  2. A lower angle view would be nicer, I feel as if the picture is very flat. Tip here: try either a higher or lower vantage points as everyone sees form the same level, this might create something not usually seen by people just as people like photos taken either at bird’s eye view or worm’s eye view.
  3. Perhaps a longer focal length or zoom would have been better, but then it may not always be possible to have the right lens one at the right time so you make do with what you have.

This shots work for me but I think I should have looked for something to focus on that would lead the viewer’s eye to the point of interest. Tip here: Photography is about pictures, have something interesting about the photos! Not target-less ones!

Here is a pic of my friend Andy with his Sony @100, the guy is a big Sony fan! What can I say? this is what I’m talking about when I say a picture some have some sort of target or point of focus, in this face, it’s Andy with his camera. Like I said before, all my pics here while were all sharp when scanned in, but I have done some minor sharpening to help boost up the pic. Tip here, don’t be afraid to sharpen or do any post-processing on your pics. You’re not any less of a photographer if you do

Will those who are insane about bokeh please raise their hands?

I must seriously consider getting a fisheye lens.

After using this film and seeing the types of shots I managed to get, I think this will not be the last time I use ilford Delta 100. I like the color and the grain of the film. Also here is a tip but it’s meant for those who prefer vignetting on their shots: most of my shots were taken using center-metering.
So with that concludes my photo review as well as film review until then, pleasant dreams~!

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