Maid cafe in Penang

First it was Sakura trees, now I find a maid cafe. I had heard word around Penang that a maid cafe had indeed open but I was unable to confirm this or not.

Well today after lunch I was contacted by CC who gave me the weblink giving the location of this cafe and their information (it was their website). He had gone there for lunch with his colleague thus was the reason why he had canceled “Usual Friday”.

He told me that it’s best to make a reservation as they would be a lot of people at night. So I called them up and made a reservation for one at 7pm.

The place is located at no.148 Grd Floor at Jalan Hutton Georgetown Penang. There website gives a map to it’s location. When I called they inform me that they open at 11am but the kitchen would be closed at 2pm and then open again at 5pm. The operate until 11pm.

This would suggest a shift of maids so there would be different maids at morning and afternoon shifts.

I was running late as traffic was very bad from One-stop mall and I had trouble looking for the place but I managed to find it in the end.

Now looking place.The interior is very nice but I think I was too early.

A definite yes to that too early comment………………………………………………………………………..

Oh well.

Okay, here is the question on everyones’ mind, are the maids working there cute? I would say “yes” and friendly as they posed for me for this. This is different from what I encountered while I was in Japan where photography is not allowed.

I then sat down and order something, the food there are pretty reasonably priced for Japanese food so don’t worry about the price murdering you.

The food tasted great!

Another thing should be noted, if you’re going to take some shots late at the evening, prepare for some abysmal lighting conditions, I had to pump the ISO up to 2000 just to get this and I didn’t bring along my external flash unit.

Before the food came, I asked if I could take some photos of the interior which they gladly obliged and some of the maid photos you see above. As I finished eating my dinner, I asked how long has this place been opened and they told me that it’s been opened for 2 months.Well then I paid up took another look around and then headed back. I must admit, this concept is a hell of a lot better then the toilet bowl restaurant at QBM which everyone says sucks. They also provide tv watching on a wide LCD screen as well as smoking and non-smoking areas and parking was ample as they provided a WHOLE lot for parking.

I would rate it 9/10, so if you want to have Japanese food and would like to see what a maid cafe looks like without going to Japan, drop by. It’s worth, so until then pleasant dreams!

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