Sakura in Penang

Would you believe? I figure you wouldn’t and you’re right, it’s not really a Sakura tree but it sure looks like it.

This was spotted on my way back from the Epson seminar that day. When I saw it I knew I wanted to take it, I asked my passengers if they wanted to stop there so we photograph it but they all had matters they needed to finish up. So I dropped them all off at home and went back home first to rest a bit anyway as the light then was still too harsh (afternoon).

At about 5:30pm I went out and picked up pointNshoot since he also wanted to shoot the sakura.

We parked right across the road from it and started to shoot outside as the compound where the tree was located is actually private property

No matter what I did, this picture would always look too overexpose for some reason. Any attempt to reduce the exposure level seems to dull it considerably. So tip here, shoot multiple shots of a subject if you’re not sure of the exposure level.

But soon I realized this really limited especially the fact I only had an 85mm as my longest focal length while my friend had a 70-300mm >_<

So with that we then headed off after thanking the nice owner for letting us into his place just to take photos। I sure had a pleasant time, so until then pleasant dreams~ I sure did ^_^

Update: Not long ago I was informed that these were indeed the same time of Sakura flower you would find in Japan. So in short, Sakuras DO exist in Penang!

3 thoughts on “Sakura in Penang

  1. Hey, my friend, mine one is 75-300mm and it’s only f3.5-5.6, no IS. Image is good when only use high ISO in compensation for shutter speed.

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