Epson advance photography and printing seminar

We found out about this event from a posting in Rojak Studio by TY informing that a seminar by Epson showcasing their printer, scanner, PMP as well as color management software was going to be held at the Holiday inn at Batu Ferringi.

The event was to start at 7:45am, so ChewingGum, Cham, mybest and I headed out at about 6:40am and headed to McD at Sunrise gurney for breakfast while we waited for the rest of the gang to arrived.

So after a good breakfast we headed off at about 7:20am and reached there roughly on time. The event started off with registration and a brief introduction of what the plan would, at about 8 or so was the model shooting where we would have to pick the best pic from our shots to be printed by Epson’s line of printers. There would also be a lucky draw where the prizes would be Epson’s latest line of consumer base printers.

There was only 2 models for over 20 photography so getting a good shot would be hard, nevertheless after 2 hours of photos shooting I did managed to get some fantastic shots.

Here is our first model, a beautiful and busty miss Cindy!
Quite a favorite among the Rojaks members that day.

And here we have Miss Stephenie ! A beauty with a lot of class! She is also the winner for the miss Autocity a while back! Tip here: the sun was shining from behind her and she was only going to pose for this shot only for a few moments as there were a lot of photographers vying for her attention. I did not have my external flash on my camera so I had to quickly relied on my built in flash as I need she would be in the shadow if I didn’t. Good thing the flash filled in just right for this shot. So when in desperate situation or time constrained (if you had not planned in advance so try to always plan in advance) go for built in functions.

Here we have both models together but since I was using the 85mm prime lens, Cindy does not appear to be in focus as I had instead focus on Stephenie’s eyes. Still I like this shot very much though I wish I had a shorter focal length lens then.

So to make up for the bad shot, here is the best shot of the day. This was the shot I chose to have printed.

After that, we had a nice tea break at 10:30am as we waited to have each of our chosen photos uploaded and printed. Staffs were also on hand to explain their products and how they help the digital workflow to create the best output possible.

Then we all sat down again in the meeting room where James who is the head of Epson in Singapore was on hand to begin the event with an opening speech as well as an introduction of his staff along with the objectives of today’s seminar. He’s very funny and witty which helped to lighten up the seminar so as it would not fall into the usual sale pitch filled seminar. Instead making it feel like a brilliant training seminar on how to produce wonderful picture from capture to print.

As the seminar went on, each speaker would talk about each step of the digital and how vital was it to get it just right and how does Epson provided the best solution for each phase of the digital workflow from the color calibration workflow to the finalized printout. We were also shown video testimonials by professionals who stand by the quality of Epson’s product especially is Ultrachrome K3 ink technology.

At the sametime, they were also having a special offer for all their products just for this seminar.

We then had a buffet lunch provided by Holiday inn hotel where then we looked over our “booty” shots. After lunch we then went back down to continue to listen to each of the topics by Epson (I particular enjoyed the talk about what is the state of photography which looked at it from the point of the subject instead of the technicality of the topic) until 2pm where they then

they presented out all our printed photos and then finished up with the lucky draw. (Didn’t win anything).

We then had another tea break where we talked about the photos we took and such.

Then it was time to head home, and that concluded the seminar event so until then pleasant dreams! I know I did hahahaha

2 thoughts on “Epson advance photography and printing seminar

  1. wow….well done man, i still keep my pics in camera, maybe will review it tonite…kakaka

    hope epson can do more seminar and photography session of events in Penang….we all support u!!

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