Top model of the world 2008 at Penang

This model shooting was held last Sunday at Gurney Hotel, Penang by the Velvet studio productions.

Our liaison with Velvet studio was Andytan and NikonK who managed to gathered a small group of people from both fotokrazy and rojakstudio here in Penang.

The event started at 9am and finished at 11am. We all went to the Subway place at Gurney hotel to have our breakfast and as a gathering point, it was also located next to starbucks so I managed to get my fix for the morning as well as the coffee at Subway was subpar.

There were 7 models and all supplied by velvet production, the entry fee for this contest was RM30 per photographer.

At 9am we made our way to the swimming pool at the hotel where we then registered and briefed on the rules and regulation governing the event (honestly, I don’t think anyone was paying ANY attention). So without further adieu we were set “loose” to take our photographs of the models.

Some of you may remember her as the girl from this entry I made here

In order to enter the contest, we had to then submit 3 of our best pics to the organizers. I personally don’t think any of my pics are going to win but I still submitted what I felt were the best pics in the lot. I still have not finished uploading all my pics but those above are what I had finished working on and uploaded.

After the soon there were a lot of candid shooting about and I have yet to get some of the pics from the other guys and their antics which was great!

The models were wonderful to work with as they were open to many ideas and provide excellent feedback on our pics on the field.

So until then pleasant dreams~!

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