Les Chang Eng Keong 13th July 1968 ~ 18th Feb 2008

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Today at 10:55am, Les Chang Eng Keong of Penang Malaysia passed away at GH hospital at Block A, 2nd floor surrounded by his loving family and friends.

He was a great mentor to me for whenever I had a question I would go ask him and he would answer with great intelligence and he would answer with great wisdom for when I had a question about the human thoughts.

He was the first person I went to when I wanted to learn more about photography and he would be the first person I went to when I needed comments on my photographs. He would always offer the greatest suggestions and advices on how to better my works.

But one thing he taught me without words but through the examples of his life was that anyone can survive hardship if the face it with courage. Today so great was his courage that even Heaven decided to call him home to be by God’s side and to the great halls of his ancestors.

He was one of the founding members of fotokrazy Penang and was mentor to all the new members that joined fotokrazy and was always ready to answer any question that anyone may have to the best of his abilities.

I rest easy knowing that I knew him as the great person that he was, always sharing and wise but most of all I knew him as a great man who shared a great passion of photography like the rest of us.

For this we all at fotokrazy thank you, for being a mentor and great friend and we will never forget you. You will always be the first man to take the first keeper shot of any event.

So until we meet again my great friend at the end, may you rest in peace and pleasant dreams. You deserved it.

4 thoughts on “Les Chang Eng Keong 13th July 1968 ~ 18th Feb 2008

  1. Good bye Les, a kind spirit that ttouched our lives. I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your pic of Les to put in my blog as a tribute to his life. Regards, Doc.

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