The keepers

How many photos do you take when you’re out taking pictures? 10? 20 or just completely lose track? Alright I can understand if you can’t remember as you’re most likely taking pictures using digital cameras.

So here is a better question, out of all the photos you take per session, how many of those are keepers? Meaning photos that look good enough or with a bit of digital massage can be made into good photos?

For me it’s average at about 10~20% depending whether I took the photos on the fly or just decided to bring along my camera with me as I went out and not something that was planned. For planned events, it’s always higher as I mentally have ideas to what I want while for those unplanned ones it’s usually VERY low.

But sometimes those unplanned times can yield are some amazing results

Like this pic here, I was having dinner at the nearby sunshine food court and the light was simply perfect!

Or this shot I managed to spot while looking for storks to take at an open field.

Or a picture of this stock I took during the time I was in Labuan.

I think I took about 20 over pics and only those were the keepers that day. I wish there were more but it really comes down to 3 factor that determine keepers, skill, luck and time. So until next time, pleasant dreams~~!

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