Now this is a new field for me, I never tried this type of photography before as I never had any figurines to try out on. I had seen a lot of this models when I was in Japan and had considered getting a few but I was trying to conserve money at the time so I never got them, it will be a mistake I will have to regret now.

I was at the one-stop small near gurney yesterday when I came across this model shop and decided to take a look, I found a figure that look simply beautiful and it was well made, so I decided to buy it along with another smaller one.

Here are some shots of the figurines I bought, I don’t recognize the pink hair girl but the brunette is from fate/stay night

Hope you all enjoy these! until then pleasant dreams~!

3 thoughts on “Figurines

  1. ahhh… Rin Tohsaka, from Fraulein series of Revoltech. I have some collection myself but haven’t got any proper macro lense to shoot it.

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