Honda roadshow at QBM

Yesterday went out to the QBM with a few of my friends (ChewingGum and Khang Wey) as there was a Honda car roadshow taking place there and reports indicated that there would be some nice looking ladies there. It was a slow Saturday and I was bored.

We reach there at 11:30am but the ladies only appeared at about noon-nish. I only paid much attention to the Honda stream as it was really cool looking although I wish they had a civicover there. Still what really interested me was the civic hybrid that was stated in the brochure.

From what I gather, there is only one hybrid in the whole of Penang? Hmm, still they had an excellent offer on their Honda Citys, RM1850 discount (It was only RM1000 for me when I first got the City).

Here is a shot of Franklin which I turn to B&W as it looked better that way.

The Honda Jazz! Best car for single people~!~

The Honda stream~! BIG and POWERFUL! But I wish they had a civic there!!!

Anyway, until then pleasant dreams~~!

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