I hate windows and I hate people who think good stuff is cheap

“It just breaks”

I still get bloody calls from people who keep asking me for help on Windows. I would like to tell them to just get a Mac or go Linux as I am fed up with fixing windows. It just bloody sucks:

  1. I have to update the anti-virus every 2 hours.
  2. I have to defrag the stupid thing.
  3. I have to keep updating the OS everyday.
  4. It just isn’t bloody intuitive.

I have been fixing window problems for at least 8 years now. I am bleeding tired of it, I also especially hate it when people come to me and ask me to help them find a notebook. It has to be:

  1. Have super blazing fast CPU speed, (8 core CPU with 1 trillion hertz)
  2. 10,000 Gigabytes of RAM
  3. 1 billion Gigabytes of harddisk space.
  4. and must be less then RM1000 (USD300)

I tell them to go and fuck off whenever they say the last point. How stupid are these people? I also hate it when they come asking me how to do something in Windows especially the wise guys where I tell them the steps to solve something and they say it’s the fucking wrong step (hello fucker? you came looking for my help!? Now you want to play one up on me? GO FUCK OFF!).

Here is my next point, it take about 30 minutes for windows just to fully boot up before you can actually run any applications and that is if it hasn’t crashed again for the umpteenth time for the day.

So from this day forward, NEVER come to ask me for windows help as I now declare I will not help anyone who has a problem with Windows, as it is a broken Operating system!

I will also NOT help anyone look for a computer system be it notebook or desktop and expect it to be the most powerful notebook or desktop in the universe for less then RM1000. Go fuck yourself losers! This is Malaysia! Nothing is cheap here! Get it through your stupid brains!

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