Penang Hill (25th October 2007)

I got a call late night on the 24th from Andytan that they were having an early morning shoot at Penang hill around 6:15am. He asked he I wanted to join. I said yes as I was bored out of my mind that day.

That day was very hazy as usual since the rainy season seemed to have passed and so the haze came back. I don’t know which is worse, non-stop raining or endless haze.

The picture you see here was taken at the top, and I had used only a nikkor 50mm f/1.8. Tip here, while I don’t like the haze but I decided to use it to my advantage by making it look like it was morning mist (Funny I don’t remember mist smelling like cinder ash) and I position myself still there was 3 layer of hills and I purposely included the trees though I don’t think it helped much but still I like how this one turned out.

I was fortunate enough to wonder what she was taking and she showed me what she had taken and to my absolute amazement she had taken a pic like this which I shamefully copied as well.

Here is a tip, sometimes just forget the rules and go for what looks good!

Soon the sun was too high up to take any more shoots, so my friends and I went to look for other things to shoot, we climb higher and found that while the rain has stopped for a week now, the spiders all around had taken advantage of this opportunity to build their web like mad! It had look like a scene out of the lord of the rings where Frodo had been captured by giant spiders!

I took the shot using film as I needed the full power of my Nikkor 17-35mm. The shot above was taken using my Fujifilm s5 pro with 50mm as it was the only lens I had that could focus very close. I’ll upload the wide shot once I’ve get it back from development.

The picture above is actually a shot of NikonK using his Olympus E3, he’s very much into macro shooting and had the proper lens.

Soon, I wonder off looking for something else to shoot. I’m not really into macro photography.

This pic here was taken using my 50mm wide open at 1.8 as I wanted only the flower in focus while I threw everything out into bokeh. I’m surprised by how the background looks like it’s spiraling around. I have only seen this with some shoot taken using noctilux and thought it was only a special property of a noctilux lens. From what I see now this does not seem to be the case with this shot.

I soon turned to take some shots of Iris as her pose was just perfect! She has the perfect smile! Soon it was noon and we were getting tired, I decided to go one more shot and then call it a day

Playing bokeh, I still find myself amazed at how well this lens can perform.

We then headed off to egate where we had lunch and just talked for the next hour or so. Andytan and the rest wanted to go to Little Penang but I decline as I was tired.

Overall this was a good outing. So until then pleasant dreams~

2 thoughts on “Penang Hill (25th October 2007)

  1. Oooh, suhweeet. Man you Penang photographers are a talented bunch!

    P.S. Somebody should do a comparison of the Fujifilm S5 and Sony A700’s dynamic range compression methods!

  2. Thanks! But right now all the @700 users are out shooting rather then do comparisons which I agree as well hahaah have fun!

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