Nintendo DS (Crimson black)

So what do we have here? I got this little joy as a birthday gift from my brother and sister. It’s the crimson black edition, the one with the fine sleek finish for the top casing while a nice sigma lens like finish on the bottom which prevents slippage as well as sweaty hands.

Now being the anal type of person with my gear I decided to go out and buy the see-through plastic casing that protects the sleek top casing finish as I didn’t want to scratch it, cost about RM25 but worth it as evident from the main scratch this thing has endured already since I received it less then a month ago.

I’ve also gotten quite use to the stylus part and love it! The games I’ve been playing so far are really damn fun! While not on the cutting edge of graphics but I really enjoy it!

I’ve been playing Izuna, Super robot war W and Lunar Knights. I’m playing Izuna like mad as I simply love the game mechanics! As for super robot war, I can’t believe they have made so many graphically advances since the days of the GBA, it’s almost on par with Super robot war Alpha for the PS1! Now it only needs voice acting and WHAM! I’ll love it to death!

This concludes my review of the NDS however brief it maybe so I’ll stop here as I need to go back playing Izuna, until next time pleasant dreams!

PS: As per tradition, I have decided to name my NDS Vita.

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