Canoscan 8800F

So here is another item that I’ll be reviewing which I bought when I was in Japan (and hand carried it back all the way >_<;;)

Canon 8800F

I had bought this scanner because,

  1. Since I decided to get serious with film every since I developed those fortia in Japan, I knew I needed a good scanner to scan them in.
  2. I had a lot of spare cash to burn on my final day in Japan and this was cheap and GOOD!

I could have gotten the Nikon scanner Coolscan V ED but the voltage was fixed to 100~120V while the canoscan 8800f has a power brick that can be swapped out for another power brick that is compatible with the voltage here (if I can find it so for now I just use a step-down adapter as Malaysian voltage is 220~240V)

Setup was somewhat painless as I had to get all the English drivers and programs (I’m still missing the english version of the scangear driver and that photo editing program which I only have in Japanese but still works as language does not hamper function except when trying to understand it is doing) but once I had it setup, usage was simple.

When you want to scan film,

  1. First simply mount either the mounted film or strips or film onto the provided film mount.
  2. Take of the white surface thing on the lid of the scanner.
  3. Place the mounted film on the scanner glass while making sure it lines up with the provided guide lines.
  4. Select the scanning option
  5. Then Scan
  6. Save the scan images and Viola! your pics are ready!

It’s a bit bulky but I don’t give a rat’s ass! The price is also VERY good about Rm900++ while here in Malaysia it sold for Rm2600++ and that is if you can find it!!!

So far most of the new film pics you see in my flickr account are scanned in using this new baby of mine, while I wouldn’t say the scanner does the slides justice but it’s good enough for my needs.

With that concludes my gear review so until then pleasant dreams~~

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