Izuna, Legend of the unemployed ninja

I have been playing this game since my Brother and Sister bought me a nintendo DS lite (Crimson black version).

I love this game! It’s a dungeon crawler and a very hard one at that, it reminds me of PS2’s Crimson Tears which sadly I didn’t finished as the DVD I bought can’t be read anymore by my PS2. I had played that game so long collecting up all the weapons, fine-tuning my fighting style that I didn’t care if I never progressed in the story as I could spend my whole time in one dungeon looking for things to fight just to level up like mad!

Anyway back to my take on the game, this is almost the same thing though instead of cell shade graphics we are presented with anime style graphics. The story focuses on a female ninja by the name of Izuna and her recently pinked slip family of ninja who are now looking for a new place to live. Upon finding such a place in a very far away village they accidentally broke an ancient agreement between the villagers and the Gods who presided over the village thus incurring their wrath as they curse the villagers by inflicting many types of curse as well as our traveling group of out of work ninjas except for Izuna.

So being the little darling busty heroine of the game, she sets off to set things right and to appease the Gods (by bashing in their skulls!) and that is the story.

The game has been criticized that the game is not really that innovative and that its insanely hard because if were to die in one of the dungeons, you would lose all the items, money you have accumulated along with any items you had brought with you into the dungeon (you get to keep the experience you gained as well as the level which is the only important thing to me) and be brought back to the village stark naked (which is to say, no weapons or anything except for the clothes on your back).

There are ways to exit the dungeon without getting killed and losing all those fabulous equipments which is to either defeat the boss or use an item that teleports you back to the village. Here I use the same strategy I used back in Crimson tears, go into the dungeon with nothing, no weapons except for the item that teleports me back then fight my way as far as possible with nothing except with what I find in the dungeons (which surprisingly have a lot of items you can use laying about) and if I’m about to die, teleport back. Sounds cheap but I like it, though most of the time I never bring that teleport item and instead go in there with the intention of losing all the items I find and just there to gain the experience points.

The benefit of this is that I have no incentive to keep the items that I find in there and will use said items to meet any of my needs, I will use all the super items instead of saving them up. That way I will learn what is the best technique and weapon to use (I will use them till they break).

There are about 5 bosses and sadly I’ve already killed 4 of them. I wish there were more. In any event that is all I have for my review of this game! until then, pleasant dreams ~~~~

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