27th October 2007 (Saturday) Mean machine at Autocity

Yesterday weather’s was perfect! Not a single sign of haze, rain or just plain old Malaysian misery. (Although it seems to have come back in full force now today morning)

I was one of the official photographer for the event, thanks to AndyTan who knew the organisers so for the first time we don’t have to worry about getting kicked. The event was at autocity on the mainland and would showcase every type of car customization available in the market as well as an event for people to showcase their modify cars.

There was also a beauty pageant which is one of the main events so it’s not all cars. The even last for 2 days so today is the last day with one of the ladies being picked as the best one for the miss mean machine title.

But looking from the weather I’m now a bit reluctant to go unless it stop now so it has enough time to clear up by the start of the event. There are no photos yet and even if I did I’m still facing that flickr problem.

So until then pleasant dreams~!

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