Nikon F4s MB-20

This is actually a following to my previous gear review for the F4s which you can find here.

That is the MB-20 which I couldn’t find in Malaysia but managed to find a second hand one when I was in Japan. This small yet somewhat pricey (Rm144) piece of plastic turns my Iron clad like Nikon F4s into the Nikon F4 shown in the following

From the huge heavy and tough Nikon F4s

Into this smaller, and easier to carry camera which is now call the Nikon F4.

I still don’t know what the “s” signify and frankly I don’t care. Now with this attachment this cam become a lot of usable to me although I can’t use it as a blunt instrument anymore but I’m not complaining.

Also the number of batteries used now have been cut from six AA batteries to 4 AA batteries which makes charging as well as storage easier as my charger can only charge 4 AA at one go and most shops sell AA batteries in pack of 4.

The MB-20 doesn’t feel as durable as the MB-21 but then again, you don’t plan to smash it against the wall now do you? I didn’t so. Nikon stopped making this little component a long time ago along with the Nikon F4s so finding it was a real stroke of luck especially at the price and condition it was in.

So this concludes my gear review until then pleasant dreams

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