I’m right now in Bangkok international airport.

I’ve managed to get Internet access here at the Bangkok International airport. But it seems that image uploading to flickr will not be possible for now. At least not until I get to Japan, my flight to Japan will be 10:00~pm and will reach Japan 6:20am on the 11th. >_<
I just found out that my hotel stay at the airport was only for six hours and we checked in at 9:30am so we had to check out at about 3:30pm, bummer and I didn’t get much sleep, but no biggy, I’ll sleep on the flight. Also we’ll only be able to check into our flight at 6pm so for the next 3 hours we’ll have to entertain ourselves. On the bright side, our plane tickets included free lunch and dinner so we won’t starve ^_^.
The airport here is very high tech and huge, nothing much to say at least until I can upload some photos which I took. The weather is rainy at the moment which seem to show no let up as evident by the gloomy clouds we saw when we landed. I’ll update more later
So until then pleasant dreams~!

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