Nikon AF-S 17-35 f/2.8D aka, "how to make my wallet lose weight"

What can I say? this lens is fantastic! While it cost me a bundle and half of my soul but damn worth it!

I originally had a Tamron A16 and a Tamron SP90 but recently I decide to bite the bullet and sell off those 2 to help me finance my purchase of this legendary gold ring lens.

I managed to get it at RM4,900 brand new from Japan while shops were selling it at RM5,900 and even the online shop I bought it from has increased the price to RM5,100. I had purchase this lens before everyone started to buy it in anticipation of the new Nikon D3.

The benefit of this lens over Nikon 17-55mm is that is a full frame lens and can be used on both film and digital sensor (after digital crop factor of 1.5x).

The lens is as they say, really tack sharp and beautiful! With the tamron A16 I had to spend a good amount of time to work the pics before they can be considered good but with this, a good level of post processing has been reduced.

Another factor why I decided on this lens was because I also shoot film and it works great on my Nikon Fm2n and gives me true 17mm instead of 25mm on digital. So for a dual strategy, this lens is considered one of the best as it can be used on many of Nikon’s old camera unlike the new G type lens like the Nikon 17-55mm or any of the new DX or FX lenses.

Here are some of my pics taken with this lens

This picture was taken at Bukit Hijau in Kedah, a beautiful place but can be tiring to travel there. I loved how the light was shining through. Tip here, if you find that the main subject of your picture seems to be being buried by the other foreground say like the forest here, try using black & white or sepia to nullify the other foreground elements

Although many websites say its flare and ghost resistant but that’s what it is, just resistant and not flare and ghost proof as you can see from my pic below.

Taken on the car park on the roof of Queensbay mall in Penang during sunset. I like how this turned out. Something to note here, the flare and ghosting actually adds value to the picture. I originally wanted to try out my new lens with the Cokin filter but found that a lot of times I could not get the exposure right or it didn’t look realistic thus in the end I just removed the cokin filters and go normal

On a whole this is a good lens and it can indeed beat prime lenses from what I have seen. I hope to put this sucker pass limit shoot.

Taken at the waterfall of Bukit Hijau, Kedah. A decent pick but I feel that while it looks nice, I didn’t work the scene well enough. Maybe going closer and using a macro lens would have been a better idea. I don’t know, will try again some other time.
This was taken in the early morning at the Bukit Mertajam market, I like how they were all string up into bundles, though I think I could have done better by using another angle.

Only one thing you need to consider, its quite heavy but not as heavy as my sigma 70-200mm but heavy nonetheless. Unfortunately unlike most lenses, this lens cannot be recommended to just anyone as it cost more then the nikon 17-55mm and with the recent price hike (I suspect due to Nikon D3) as full frame is now available for Nikon I believe full frame lenses for the entire Nikon range will once again be in serious demand just like the 35mm film era and the fact this lens covers a very small range versus other lenses. In any event, for me this lens is a great performer but your own millage may vary.

So with that I leave you with this

Taken during the early morning hours at the Bukit Mertajam wet market, it was so dark and wet. The kitty here was so cute and adorable I had to get a pic of it, but the ground so wet and muddy so taking a chance, I pumped up the iso, lowered my camera close to the ground and try to guessimate where the focus point would be and put my faith into the auto-focus feature to get a clear sharp picture. I got it right on the first try.

Pleasant dreams!

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