Photography is not meant for Geeks!

Now before any of you start rallying up the troops for a witch hunt, let me explain why I say this.

What is a geek first? No, I’m not going to quote from a dictionary. I’ll do better then that since I’m a bona fide geek myself.

A geek :

  1. A person who loves details.
  2. A person who loves the tools of the trade.
  3. A person who is usually socially challenged.

My definition of a geek can be considered broad by many standards but then I can guess what is your definition, a guy with glasses who is insane about computers(primariy), TV series, bookw, animes and showing off their latest toys (whatever it may be). Did I hit home on that one?

Now why do I say photography is not meant for geeks? 2 reasons:

  1. They would be more concern with the gear to take pictures rather then on how to take great pictures or know when to take great pictures. They would probably spend more time bitching about the details of lens like weight, length capabilities and specs such as how wonderful is the bokeh from this lens and can spend countless hours debating about it instead of going outside and taking picture to prove it (especially about lens they own).
  2. They would read up every bleeding magazine, books, website that talk more about camera gear then camera art itself. This is NOT to say that it’s wrong to focus on the tools, far from it I say, you do need to know what are the capabilities of your tools or tool you’re planning on getting. Once you have learned it, USE IT! This is where geeks fall flat! They would try their stupid best to make as little use of their tool as possible in wanting to avoid “undue stress” on the tool.

How did I know so much about this topic? because about 4 months ago, I freaking realized I was like that! I realized that I was more worried about the tool then NOT getting the shot at all. In photography, it’s about getting the shot you want.

To show you an example of what I mean, look at the following picture below.

Show this to a self pro-claim “photographer” geek and he (I notice that geeks who bitched about this pic are guys, while most ladies find no problem with this) will then go on straight away on what is wrong with this pic. He will begin with all the “obvious” falls of it in a systematic and analytical way.

  1. Colors are off and weird. A lousy camera
  2. Not sharp at all. A lousy lens
  3. Bokeh not nice. A lousy lens
  4. Does not obey rule of 3rds. Does not follow “standardized” convention
  5. Vignetting is very bad. A lousy lens

This is where you can tell who is a real photographer and who’s not, do you think you are a real one? Ask yourself, were those points listed above the ones you were going to make?

You know what? I made it that way, because I like it. To achieve what you “pre-visualized” that is what photography is also about and is the main reason why geek mentality is not meant for photography because it is ART!
Geeks or their mentality is only meant for crafts or industry in which any deviation is definitely consider wrong such as in computers, plugging a 110 volts plug into a 220volts socket is a DEFINITE NO NO!
But with photography we can take slides and processed them using color negative development process and we would get some really funky colors (this was what I was trying to do with the above) or AKA cross-process. With photography, anything that achieve a pleasing effect is alright, though I notice a lot of geeks attempting to impose their gestapo rules! As they believe they have learn all they need about photography from books and website, as long as they adhere to such rules set fourth nothing can go wrong so they take it upon themselves to enforce them.

I’m not saying it completely wrong with being geeky with the tools but for crying out loud, this is art. Once you get past the camera masturbation stage, leave the geekiness behind and take pictures that inspire or just make you feel good. Yes there are rules, but if Picasso had followed rules then a lot of his masterpieces wouldn’t have existed.

So remember this, once you get past this stage of tool-whore then learn to focus more on developing the most important thing of photography, pre-visualization as well as your own vision and not keep firing randomly in hopes that your gear will take good pictures for you. It WON’T.

So the next time when you’re out on the field taking a picture and you notice the guy not far from you also doing some photography (in their own way and not following your style) and seems to be minding their own business taking pictures, please bloody refrain from being a “photography police” on rules and shit, you better hope it’s not me else I will BUST YOUR CHOPS! (You can tell someone sure got their little chops broken to a million pieces, bunch of stupid geeks!).

So until next time, pleasant dreams

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