Here we have again another photo review of my photos. Where I’ll attempt to self judge my own work to understand what work and what doesn’t.

This is one of my favorite pieces since I started to use my s5 along with ND filters.

The place was a small fishing port along the coastal highway of Penang wee early in the morning. I had walked to the end of the pier. I decide to take the regular sunrise photo but after taking about 3 shots of the sun, the pictures felt rather bland. Take note when you look at your own pictures and don’t feel the effect you wish to achieve with them, then you know that you’re not getting it right.

I tried maybe composition but nothing seem to give me the feeling or effect I wanted. Then I took a step look around and saw one of the boats tied down, I decided to include the tied knot with it being the point of focus while I use the ND filters to balance out the exposure. Lo and behold, we have this! I had gotten what I wanted!

A good thing too as the sun was getting a little too high for any more good shots and it had began to rain (also it should be noted that while this pier was not exactly the safest structure here. There was a lot of damage to it) so I quickly packed up and headed back.

Here we have next is a photo taken along the sky bridge along the Prangin mall road. Taken very late at night, I think it was 8pm nish. Most of the time you want to ensure all the pics you take are noise-free (or grain free if you’re a film user) but though at times it can be a good idea to forcefully add noise into your pics to give it drama of age. Although here it was added as a result of bumping the ISO to allow a higher shutter speed.

One thing I tried to do here is create a sense of depth to this pic, although I don’t know how well I succeeded as I was there and took the pic so the sense of depth for me as the viewer is bias to know that it has a high level of depth.

But the real challenge here is to create the sense of depth for any other people viewing this picture. I generally tried to have the viewer look at the bicycle rider at the center bottom of the pic and the hopefully then using the road, lead their eyes into the distance center. So tell me drop me a note telling me whether I succeeded or not.

This was taken at the Jerejak port in Penang in the morning when any sunrise shot would be not possible. I had wanted to try something more dramatic at the time but all attempts to create the idea I had all seemed to fail, so deviating from the plan a bit I decide to play with bokeh using the port as the back ground. At first the camera wouldn’t auto focus on the plants so eventually I had to focus manually (which I learned here is an important skill I should not ever overlook) and then using the camera’s built-in focus signal to determine whether or the the focus point is as sharp as it should be. I got a lot of strange stares when I took this pic because I had to lay down completely on the ground just to get this angle.

For the most part the bokeh was done nicely, although I think I failed at the main subject. There was nothing special at all about the subject, a couple of flowers bath in the morning sunlight. Whoopy do, how many times has this only been done?

There you have it, any end to a photo review and have pleasant dreams.

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