Now here is another photo review, this was taken in April this year at a little wayward beach in Penang call Batu Ferringgi which is about a 45 minute drive from where I’m living.

This whole model shoot was arranged by one of Penang’s finest model photographer known as T2 (note, mention that name to any photographer worth his salt would know his name and his work).

The shoot took place at about 7am I believe. At the time I would only using my Tamron A16 on my Nikon D50 but gear at this point doesn’t really matter from what I learn from the great masters. Although it does help haha.

I’ll have to admit during this shoot, I took very few photos and pick even fewer photos to upload. I guess I wasn’t in my game that day as there were a number of other photographers and felt bored. Though I was lucky to get in as these was one of the few sessions T2 ever announced for other photographers to join (although you have to pay a fee to the model).

Anyway, let’s get on with the photo review, for this photo I feel like I got it right. Though the sky is definitely overexpose, I think a panaromic shot would have been better as the sky actually serves little purpose except to draw the viewers eyes to it instead of the model. It does not give a good feel for the surrounding.

The model looks astounding here, which goes to show that anyone can be a model, but not every model can be a GOOD model. Danielle here is a professional model which damn well shows here.

Here is another photo turn out nicely. Though I can’t feel incredibly happy about this photo so I guess there is something missing here.

I guess the reason why it does not work well for me is because there is not special about this photo, it seems so cliche so straight forward nothing new that gives a different point of few or should I say the angle sucks, I would have perhaps on a little higher up? or lower down? or move around to see what is better. Thus this is what I call a wasted shot and no matter whether I had shot raw or not, if you didn’t get the composition or angle right, it won’t matter how good your gear is so let this be a lesson. Composition/angle first!

So this concludes my photo review, and have pleasant dreams

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