Alright enough with test post….

Alright enough with the test post. Looks like the system works without much fuss.

I guess this is where I tell a little bit about myself, well for starters I’m a photographer (part time only) my full time job is actually a desk monkey (software developer) working from 8 am to 5pm.

Do I like my work? no. Do I love photography? Yes, so why not do it full time? Because I’m in Malaysia where the only type of photography that pays (which is small by the way) is wedding photography which pretty much limits my options of living severely.

This is why I stay at my day job, so I can earn money to live.

So how shall I describe my skills? I like to photograph landscapes, as well as models (although I’m picky about who I do model shooting sessions with, I’m that type of person but than I don’t get a lot of models either).

I would say I try to be a portraitist but I can’t as I don’t have enough good portrait photos to my name. Although I’m working on that. (oh and this is not a photo of me, it’s a photo of a model I sometime work with, I’ll tell you more in my next entry)

I’m more of a landscape photographer, although I’m no Ansel Adam either. I’m just a regular photographer wanna be. So I hope you enjoy the story that follow these entries that tells of how each of the photos in my small but my growing collection of photos are taken as well as the story behind them.

So thanks for stopping by.

My name is Artemis, and pleasant dreams….

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