My most hated technology peeve. The cellphone

Call it whatever you want, handphone, cellphone, mobilephone, smartphone, iphone, and yadda yadda! But the one piece of technology I hate the most in the world is the cellphone (for this article we shall hence fourth call it the cellphone). It’s not because I’m some old fuddy duddy that hates technology, it’s not because I hate to keep in contact with people around me or in my life (well, to a certain extent yes). To counter those points, I’m actually one of the most techno person I know! I have imac, ipad, android phone (which I use as a 3g hotspot for my other devices) , digital slr, and heck my watch is advance! It’s doesn’t just tell time, it’s also a compass, barometer and altmeter. So one cannot say I am a luddite. As for the second point, well it is true to a certain extent but that is another story for another time.  
In fact, I don’t really hate the cellphone per se, what I really hate is the etiquette of cellphones in today’s modern society.

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