Day 11, 12: The return to Tokyo and the journey home!

20th, 21th October 2007:

The morning was clear and sunny….where the hell were you yesterday? So with everything packed up, I checked out and made my way to the Kyoto central train station. My quest was on it’s last leg.

The train ride would take about 3~4 hours. It was rather enchanting to see daylight piercing through the clouds. I felt a sense of great sadness knowing that my vacation was coming to an end.

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Day 10: Kanazawa also known as the marsh of gold

19th October 2007:

Well yesterday had been a very enlightening day. Today I would finally achieve my final goal in Japan, to visit the city of Kanazawa as well as the last of 3 famous landscape gardens in Japan namely Kenroku-en.

I’m sucker for beautiful landscapes. Anyway had before I set out early to increase my chance of meeting as few people as possible as well as to spend as much time as I can at today’s location.

Tragic struck when I stepped of the Ryokan I was staying at,

It was raining.

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Day 9: Takayama

18th October 2007:

My original intention then was to actually take a trip to Himeji and check out the castle and stuff but reports indicate that there were a lot of people there and so my plans were amended to go to Takayama instead.

Anyway, having a grueling day before in Nara I woke in the morning with the most intense pain on my left hip. Upon inspection I discovered a rather large bruise on the area where I had been knocked down by the deer the day before. I had to rest a little longer after taking some pain killer to ease it. So I didn’t go out as early as I had hoped for but then its a good thing a lot of my plans are flexible.

Soon I departed and headed straight for the Kyoto station where I then place an order for a ticket to Takayama it would take me about 3~4 hours

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Alter Choko Sennin Haruka – Shihodo Narika Choko Sennin Ver. 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

I actually made these shots last Friday but for some stupid reason, I was unable to upload them to smugmug from any Malaysian base Internet network for the past 4 days. I only managed to upload them just now using the Internet connection from my work place which happens to be using a non-Malaysian Internet provider. So yeah it’s great to use a service that is non-Malaysian.

Anyway, enough talk of useless Internet services. Today’s topic is a recent purchase I made from the Xl-shop, when I saw here, I knew I just had to get her! Previously I could have gotten Haruka as well but I was short on cash then but then I saw Narika, I knew I had to get her! Even though it meant eating bread for a few months but damn worth it!

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Leng Yein and the encounter with 35mm film

Welcome ladies and gents ( I expect only Gents though, rarely have any ladies here).  I just uploaded some new shots from a model shoot I participated last weekend thank again to Cruizer176!

Once again the model is the ever so sexy Leng Yein which some of you may rememeber from my previous model session with her.

Though this time I decide I should try and give myself a challange for this model shoot in order to improve my skill and force me to think before I take a shot. I would only shoot film and only used digital if I couldn’t get the bloody correct exposure due to limited high ISO film or if I had ran out of film (only brought 5 folls that weekend).

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