Fujifilm Fortia SP

Here are some of the new shots from my newly developed roll of Fortia SP.

These were taken from the to of Komtar, Penang. I went there at about 4pm and waited till 7:30pm to get these shots as I was hoping to get some great sunset pics since I felt it would be my last time living in Penang. Entry into the top of the tower cost about RM15 at the 60th floor.

I was kind of sad realizing that this would be the last time I would be living in Penang officially but I guess that’s how things are.


Fujfilm velvia 100

I took these shots recently of Penang using my dwindling supple of Fujifilm Velvia 100, but that’s alright as velvia won’t be seeing the end anytime soon since supple is still strong along with demand.

Only 2 shots came out alright, the rest seemed rather like another repeat of what I have already done. So no point in considering the repeated shots keepers.

A shot from a distant world” I took this shot using center metering while forcing it to underexpose a bit as well as took it from a low angle. I like how it turned out even though this isn’t what I had expected.

“Shimmering in the wind” I think this has been done to death! I need new inspiration!~

Hope you enjoy these shots, until then pleasant dreams~!

The new setup

I know it has been a while since I made any new entries as well as uploaded any photos but I have been very busy with the “big move” but now I’ve finally managed to have 90% of my stuff setup including my workstation.

I bought that thing from Ikea and it took quite a while to setup (4 hours) as the instructions left out certain details which I had to figure out myself as well as invent some new curses.

With this setup, I can scan in my developed film as well as do all my surfing comfortably.

So until then pleasant dreams~!

Tips on using the sigma 70-200mm on Nikon F4s

Well I just got back the film a few days ago but I realized all the shots I took in Labuan were all underexposed. Which really upsets me as I had taken a lot of beautiful shots there. I tried to find out what went wrong.

I discovered that on the same roll only the Labuan shots were underexposed while those take in Kundasan with the very same roll were all properly exposed. Then I remember at the time I had the sigma 70-200mm on and I had used aperture by mistake since I thought it would open all the way to 2.8.

But on the Kundasan trip, I had used the 17-35mm lens on my Nikon f4s. So my fault there to assume something would work the way it should. Tip here: Always try out your assumptions on non-critical shots or else miss out on the best shots later when those assumptions do not work.

So until then, pleasant dreams~!