Kodak Portra 400- Fun film to scan.

I’ve been scanning all the film I took in Vietnam. So far everything is looking alright, while some shots turned out great, others have not becoming missed opportunities. One shouldn’t dwell on disappointment for long less it becomes regret. Chances come and go and whether you captured them or not is a matter of luck and experience.

Though I’m glad I shot mostly with Kodak Portra 400, this film has some great latitude plus it scans really well especially when used with the Epson V700 I have- never regretted paying RM2k for it, best scanner I’ve used it and I would buy another one if this one broke down as well.



I have RETURNED!!!

Hi everyone! I’m back in Malaysia! It was a fun trip and definitely worth the time and effort to set it all up. Right now, I’m just resting from all the craziness I have been through.

For stats, I have shot 37 rolls of Kodak Portra and 15 rolls of Ilford HP5+. I’ve already sent the Portra for development while the HP5+ will have to wait as there is a draught going on here in Malaysia and water rationing is in effect at the moment till the draught ends.

Once I have everything developed and scan, I’ll start posting them up here.

Happy Chinese New year 2014!!!!

Copyright belong to Dannychoo.com. Artwork by Shirahane Nao.  I found it so beautiful! I couldn’t resist using it!

So here I am again! Another CNY to endure! Or do I? Even as I typed this, millions and millions of chinese all across the world has just made one of the biggest migration back to their hometowns to celebrate the biggest events in their lives this year.

As you all know , this year will be the year of the horse (so expect to be worked like one by your boss after the holidays).  So did I have to endured the treacherous trek back to my hometown?

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Kodak ProImage 100

Taken using Nikon F6 with Kodak ProImage 100

At first glance, ProImage 100 film box wouldn’t garner much attention, its rather dull looking when compared with Kodak Gold’s design. So it was really surprising after developing a roll. This film is incredible – it has amazing color reproduction especially in studio conditions. Although there are some limitations.

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