Bangkok Motorshow April 2015

It has been at least 2 ~ 3 years since I last attended the Bangkok motorshow, to go again with friends of like mind was a joy! The one thing I love about the motorshow in Bangkok is that because they aren’t rule by religious fanatics who go crazy at the sight of anything remotely sexy, the show is a wonderful showcase of cars and booth babes!

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Happy Chinese New year! The year of the goat/sheep/ram!

Your argument is invalid.

Your argument is invalid.

Hi everyone and a Happy Chinese New Year! I’m again in Labuan and oddly, no screaming babies while on the flight. I did only come back on the 18th while everyone else had left on the 16th instead. Meaning clear skies all the way!

So what am I doing in Labuan? What I always do everytime, lying in the middle of the road stuffing my mouth with marshmallows (only a few of my friends will get this joke.)

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Ipod Shuffle – Tougher than I thought.

Before leaving for work today, I had put on the laundry to dry after leaving it to wash overnight. I then quickly got ready for work and tried to find my ipod Shuffle everywhere. Slowly a horrible realisation dawn on me, “Crap”. I had left my it in one of my many pockets of my cargo pants.

Sure enough when I looked through the newly hung cargo pants, I found it.

In a small vain of hope, I put on the earbud and turned it, lo and behold! It still played! Even after going through the wash and spin cycle, the little guy was still alive and kicking! I’m definitely glad it didn’t die and that I had opted to buy an Ipod shuffle instead of the other regular ipods!

2015-02-16 08.30.46


Happy Valentine’s day!

ee6108c01714033ad99581eb76f4b5b8Happy Valentine’s day! I’m up at 7am posting this because I had a horrible nightmare where I had to step out of the house today and go do some photography shooting at some village for an upcoming exhibition instead of being out with a girl. Oh wait, that is what is going to happen today. T_T to all my single friends who still don’t have girlfriend (none), please stay at home and play video games.

Scanning softwares (Silverfast 8, Epson scan) – Use it or not is entirely up to the workflow.

Whenever I have new developed film to scan, I would quickly fire up the Epson scan software that came bundled with my Epson V700, never giving another thought to it and proceed to scan my film.

Occasionally though I find myself thinking of using the other software that came bundled with the scanner as well – Silverfast 8 (actually, it was Silverfast 7, I was given a free upgrade to it when they offered a limited time upgrade for their bundled Silverfast 7). It is not that I haven’t tried it, but every time I have, the results were less than I had hoped.

Disclaimer: This is not a exhaustive review of Silverfast 8 Рthis is just to show why my film scanning workflow is setup to still use Epson scan instead of Silverfast. I know of many others online who have mastered Silverfast, and I do hope to eventually learn how to use Silverfast. 

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